Who We Are

Mentors Entrepreneurs & Leaders Group

The Mentors Entrepreneurs & Leaders Group is for anyone who has led a team or has started a major initiative (a business, a non-profit group, a major project whether commercial or not), and wants to join a close circle of smart, like-minded individuals. Some, but not all, of our members belong to Mensa.

We are establishing an international network of entrepreneurs, social innovators, and leaders to support each other through online and face-to-face meetings and workshops, online communities, accountability partners, and other means.

Our acronym MEL reflects our focus on mentorship, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Our “Leadership” vision includes entrepreneurs and social innovators, and also includes people and teams who are working to contribute to society in a meaningful way through other initiatives. Our focus is action-oriented:  The Mentors Entrepreneurs & Leaders Group is leading the way to have a beneficial impact on society!   

How to Join

Send us an email at:


and/or visit us on Facebook (see the link at the top right of the page)

and/or visit us on LinkedIn.

We are eager to know

** how you found out about this group, and

** how you hope to benefit from membership and/or

** how you might be able to contribute to this group.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How Can You Contribute to this Group?

Mentoring: You can offer to be a mentor, and/or you can request mentoring.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can network with other entrepreneurs, and you can contribute articles and links that provide resources for entrepreneurs.

Leadership: Are you actively contributing to society to make an impact? Have you done so in the past? We are building a community of leaders. Join this community. Contribute articles and links that provide leadership resources.

Perhaps you will submit a proposal for a new project, and use this website as a forum to discuss the project and grow a team of people who will engage with you on its implementation.

Our Affiliation

The Mentors Entrepreneurs & Leaders Group is a Special Interest Group under the constitution of the Mensa Canada Society. The Society recognizes our group and promotes awareness of our group within Mensa, even though our group (and indeed all Special Interest Groups) is a separate entity from the Society itself.

To visit the Mensa Canada website, head over to this page: www.mensacanada.org

What will you find if you join and log in?

Visit the “Look Inside” page for extracts or full articles that are posted by MEL members on the website.