Contest to design our site logo (favicon): W Ben Towne’s design has been chosen

W Ben Towne is a Mensan who recently moved to the Greater Toronto Area from New Hampshire USA.

Towne earned a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering and a BA in Community Development followed by an MS in Computation, Organizations & Society and a PhD in Societal Computing. He also studied entrepreneurship while at Carnegie Mellon University for grad school, engaging with that exciting community and winning competitions for relevant skills in the area. He is an author of several scientific publications, as a technology researcher with a focus on platforms and technologies for large-scale collaboration around complex issues. 

Current work areas include blockchain technologies, where he has commits in core technology repositories in the Ethereum ecosystem and works with business consortia on applications of the technology. 

Dr. Towne also spends time on photography (which led to the development of some graphic and Web design skills) and aspects of elections administration to help strengthen democracy. 

Towne writes: “Especially if you are in need of technology solutions through private or public-sector consulting, please feel free to get in touch!”   4th January 2021

What is a site logo (favicon)? It is the design that you tap on, on your smartphone, to access an app. It accompanies the name of your company or organization as part of the “instant recognition” branding.

Specifications: The favicon should in some way reflect well on the objectives of the MEL group: We are PROACTIVE people who are NETWORKING, whether as entrepreneurs, leaders, or involved with mentorship. If your favicon represents a human image, it should reflect an organization that is inclusive of gender, skin colour, age, and so on.

Your favicon image should be square, and be at least 512 x 512 pixels (to fit the website template specification), using a standard image type: bmp, tif, jpg, png, gif.

Your design should be unique (not an infringement of someone’s intellectual property rights).

The executive and officers of MEL are not eligible to participate in this contest. Contest entries may come from MEL members, whether Mensans or non-Mensans. Join us! Let your colleagues know about this opportunity.

Submissions should be sent as an attachment to an email, addressed to


Deadline for submissions: December 15, 2020 at 11:59 pm (EST)

If YOUR favicon is chosen, you and your design will be acknowledged on the public-facing website for at least three months (as long as you retain your MEL membership).

The favicon itself will be the property of the Mentors Entrepreneurs & Leaders Group.

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