Leadership can take many forms.

Leadership can take many forms. A few characteristics are essential regardless of what form it takes.

A leader has a vision: how a situation could be improved, what new product could be developed, perhaps a whole paradigm shift, how a group of people could relate to each other in new ways.

A leader could lead by personal example. More commonly, leadership is thought of in terms of guiding one or more other people in the process of making changes, interacting differently, or bringing something new into existence.

There is no one single definition of what leadership is, except perhaps that it is not synonymous with management.

How is the concept of leadership relevant to our group, the Mentors Entrepreneurs & Leaders Group?

We provide a platform for people who are taking action to make a difference. Thus, our concept of leadership involves the crucial step of – at some point – coming to a decision about how to bring a vision into reality, and implementing that. Thus, for us, leadership is more than vision, more than philosophy, more than discussion for its own sake. An action plan takes much thinking, discussion, and commitment, but crucially involves making decisions and implementation of those decisions.

Many platforms exist for people who are looking for opportunities to socialize, discuss, or even play games together. Our platform aims to provide a network of people who are looking for something more.

How can a MEL member contribute as a leader in this group?

Within our group, the leadership component will involve the following steps:  Members could post the highlights of the leadership that they are (or have been) engaged in. Additionally, a MEL member could propose a project to the MEL executive for approval. If the project is approved, someone (most likely the proposer) will be appointed to lead that project, and a new project page will be opened within the Leadership section of this website.

Examples of projects could be Green Energy (already approved; log in to view that page), a specific subdomain within cultural activity, or a subdomain within social organization. There is scientific literature on the subject of bullying; perhaps a MEL member will propose a project to reduce bullying in a particular location. Perhaps someone will propose a project to attract more manufacturing to a particular region within Canada.

Of course, one type of leadership is entrepreneurship. Within our group, entrepreneurship has a separate section on this website (see Entrepreneur Resources).