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MEL member Nick A. Shepherd, a management consultant, writes on crucial ingredients for business success in “Leadership done right”. The full article is shared here:

Leadership “done right” by Nick A. Shepherd

Let’s cut to the chase. After 50 years of business experience I am now at a place where I have some firm beliefs in what makes an organization succeed. Since my background is in accounting and finance, I thought for many years that if you “manage by the numbers” you are in control. Yes, numbers – and especially cash availability and cash flow are critical, but without two ingredients I believe success will elude you.

These two ingredients are interwoven and inter-dependent. Culture and Leadership. Culture is the “crucible” within which EVERYTHING takes place. Having a great culture means fostering innovation, creativity, communications, cooperation, and collaboration. Doing this you will attract, retain and set the stage for motivating the human talent necessary for success. Culture comes from behaviour and this must be founded on a consistent set of values, the most important of which is trust.

The responsibility for establishing and enabling an effective culture rests with great leadership at all levels. If a leader does not foster the quality of trust and the desired behaviours, then there will be no followers. Leadership skills come from different personality traits; some leaders are naturally inspirational; some focus on analytics; some lead through their drive and enthusiasm and some lead from their strong ability to build human relationships. Great leaders know themselves and where their strengths come from. They are realistic and humble enough to seek guidance, help and advice in areas where their natural strengths require support. In short, great leaders are great human beings.

After almost 30 years of working together, Dr. Peter Smyth and I decided to put our experience of developing leaders and leadership groups into a book. “Reflective Leaders and High-Performance Organizations” – it is available as an e-book, softcover or hardcover. Look for it al your local bookseller, order on-line or go to https://www.amazon.ca/Reflective-Leaders-High-Performance-Organizations-Relationship/dp/1462072674

In January 2021, Nick Shepherd announced the publication of another book: How Accountants Lost Their Balance: How the profession has drifted away from reality and must adapt to an intangible world

Leadership: A lifelong journey of discovery

Ketan Kulkarni is a clinician, a researcher, a scientist, a passionate entrepreneur, technology and investment geek, an advocate of financial literacy and independence with alternative income streams, an avid learner, a traveler, a photographer, an artist (and art enthusiast and antique collector) and a music buff.

He is a MEL member, and the founder of The Savvy Physician Facebook Group. His personal website may be found here: http://www.savvyphysician.ca

Kulkarni writes: If you are like most people, you learnt about leadership from mainstream media, peers, your cultural upbringing, circumstances, workplace, social circle and life challenges. What if I told you that most of what you learnt may be wrong? Or maybe you always knew the truth? Don’t believe me? As I continue to develop as a leader, I have confronted may “myths” about leadership. See if my experience resonates with yours. Read the full article inside the website…..and see if you agree or disagree.